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Margaret Thatcher’s Introduction In The House of Lords

I stumbled upon a fascinating video the other day that shows Margaret Thatcher’s introduction into the House of Lords: The cool thing about this video is that is shows the traditional version of the Ceremony of Introduction. In 1998, it was abridged … Continue reading

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Debunking “The Constitutional Monarchy Myth”

When people write about the Queen, she’s commonly described as a model constitutional monarch. While the Prince of Wales is frequently castigated for allegedly meddling in politics, most commentators assume that his mother is scrupulously neutral. But Backbench’s David Kelly has bucked that trend, arguing that the Queen … Continue reading

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John Bercow Defeated Over Commons Clerk

It looks like Carol Mills won’t be the next Clerk of the House of Commons after all. Her appointment was controversial from the outset, as many MPs felt that she didn’t have the necessary knowledge of parliamentary procedure. As more and more MPs voiced their … Continue reading

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Government Announces ‘English Votes For English Laws’ Plans

Today, William Hague issued a Command Paper that sets out four options (three from the Conservatives and one from the Liberal Democrats) to address the West Lothian Question. Option No. 1 (Tories) would effectively ban non-English MPs from considering England-only legislation. Second Reading debates … Continue reading

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Labour’s English Committee Won’t Answer the West Lothian Question

The West Lothian Question is a topic of lively discussion in British politics at the moment. David Cameron has been touting the idea of ‘English votes for English laws,’ and he asked William Hague, the Leader of the Commons, to chair a Cabinet committee … Continue reading

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A Venerable Puzzle Is Now Part of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index

A Venerable Puzzle is now part of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. ACI seeks to make it easy for researchers to find authoritative blog content from a range of disciplines, from STEM fields to the humanities. If you’re looking for quality blog … Continue reading

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Are Tory MPs Getting Thursdays Off?

The Daily Mail reports that Michael Gove, the Government Chief Whip in the Commons, has downgraded the House’s Thursday sittings to a one-line whip for the remainder of the Parliament. This means they will effectively be optional for Tory MPs until Parliament is dissolved … Continue reading

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