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The Doctor and the Constitution

I stumbled upon a blog today that I just had to share: Danny Nicol, Professor of Public Law at the University of Westminster, has a blog where he discusses the legal and constitutional aspects of Doctor Who. If you’re a Whovian, you … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Prince Philip’s Australian Knighthood

Tony Abbott has had a rough few weeks. His decision to make the Duke of Edinburgh a Knight of the Order of Australia as part of the Australia Day honors list has ignited a firestorm of controversy. The Federal Opposition condemned the … Continue reading

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The Telegraph Gets Confused

January 23 marked the 30th anniversary of televised debates in the House of Lords, and to mark the occasion, an unnamed Telegraph reporter compiled a list of YouTube clips showing some of the more unusual incidents that have occurred in the chamber. One … Continue reading

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Could Prince Charles Really Overhaul The Honors System?

Over the weekend, there were reports that the Prince of Wales wants to overhaul the honors system when he becomes king. In her forthcoming biography of the Prince, Time journalist Catherine Mayer claims that Prince Charles believes that honors are being awarded to the wrong … Continue reading

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Is An Activist Monarch Necessarily a Bad Thing?

My post about why the Duke of Cambridge can’t get involved in the campaign to pardon gay men convicted of “gross indecency” provoked an interesting discussion on the Venerable Puzzle Facebook page. A friend disagreed with my contention that the royal … Continue reading

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