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Why Is George Osborne ‘First Secretary of State’?

A reader asked the following: Why did Cameron make George Osborne First Secretary of State when he’s already Chancellor of the Exchequer?  The simple answer is that it’s basically an honor. The title of First Secretary of State is essentially … Continue reading

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Prince Charles’ Super Secret Letters Revealed

The Cabinet Office has finally released letters that the Prince of Wales’ wrote to various figures in Tony Blair’s government (the full set can be seen here). All in all, they are a fairly anodyne read. Not surprisingly, they deal with issues such … Continue reading

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Some Observations On The Queen’s Speech

A reader who is staying up to watch the General Election returns has asked the following question: If the Government is defeated on the Queen’s Speech, does that mean that the Queen will have to address Parliament a second time? Not necessarily. If … Continue reading

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The BBC’s History Fail

The BBC needs to brush up on their history. When discussing possible outcomes for tomorrow’s General Election, they made the following claim: The prime minister could resign, after being defeated on the Queen’s Speech for example, and hand power to the … Continue reading

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Will The Queen Skip The State Opening of Parliament?

There has been talk that the Queen might not open Parliament in person if it looks like MPs won’t vote for the Speech From the Throne. According to an article on Politics Home by Paul Waugh, Her Majesty might give … Continue reading

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