Why I Haven’t Said Anything About Brexit

A lot of people have asked me if I have an opinion on the Brexit referendum. I invariably disappoint them because the answer is that I simply don’t know how I would vote.

On the one hand, I do like the idea of Britain regaining full control over her destiny. I firmly believe that British legislators and British judges should have the final say over how the country is governed. The Europhiles’ dream of ‘ever-closer union’ strikes me as highly problematic, and the EU in its current form has a pronounced democratic deficit. But in an increasingly interconnected world, it’s fair to ask if traditional attitudes toward national sovereignty are still fit for purpose.

However, I’m also cognizant of the fact that being a part of the EU does benefit Britain. Membership in the EU Common Market helps British businesses expand their reach, and the Common Agricultural Policy has been a boon for farmers. The EU also funds a great deal of scientific research at Britain’s universities.

The bottom line is that I think both sides make compelling cases, so it’s hard for me to take a side. As the Queen said before the Scottish independence referendum, I hope the British people will think carefully about the future when casting their vote. Whatever the outcome, I’m confident that Britain will continue to thrive.

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