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Voting Down The Queen’s Speech

With the Conservatives still short of a deal that will guarantee their majority, there is a real chance that Theresa May’s government could be defeated on the Queen’s Speech. A reader named Nathan recently wrote to ask if any examples … Continue reading

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Government Loses Brexit Case

In a widely expected ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 without Parliament’s consent. I won’t go over the ruling in detail, as I’ve already discussed it here and here. Suffice it to say, I think the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Why Is There A ‘First Lord of the Treasury’?

My recent post about the formalities surrounding the premiership led a reader to ask about the office of First Lord of the Treasury. As the title implies, the First Lord is actually one of several ‘Lords of the Treasury.’ By convention, the … Continue reading

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How Does One Become Prime Minister?

In an unexpected development, Andrea Leadsom has quit the race for Conservative leader, leaving Theresa May as the only candidate to succeed David Cameron. However, certain formalities must take place before May can take the reins of government. In this post, I’ll … Continue reading

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The Queen And The European Union

There’s been some fuss in the United Kingdom today over The Sun‘s claim that the Queen has expressed Euroskeptic views on at least two occasions, including a 2011 lunch with Nick Clegg at Windsor Castle and a meeting with MPs at Buckingham Palace. Like … Continue reading

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Prince Charles’ Reading Material

There’s been another dust-up over the Prince of Wales’ role in government: the release of certain sections of the Cabinet Office Precedent Book has shown that he automatically receives papers from the Cabinet and ministerial committees. Unsurprisingly, this ‘revelation’ has provoked outrage from the usual … Continue reading

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Constitution 101: The Privy Council

In honor of the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has finally joined the Privy Council, I thought I’d provide a brief overview of this fascinating corner of the British constitution. ‘Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council’ is one of the United Kingdom’s … Continue reading

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A Curious Claim About Royal Assent

I came across a truly puzzling claim in David Rogers’ new book about the Privy Council: At perhaps the most mundane and perfunctory level, every time a Bill completes its passage through the Houses of Parliament…it cannot become law as an … Continue reading

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The Government, The House Of Lords, And The Tax Credit Cuts

The Huffington Post UK recently claimed that the Government may ‘suspend’ the House of Lords if peers vote against George Osborne’s tax credit cuts next week. According to an anonymous Government insider, “one option is to simply suspend the Lords’ entire business, and … Continue reading

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Prince Charles’ Super Secret Letters Revealed

The Cabinet Office has finally released letters that the Prince of Wales’ wrote to various figures in Tony Blair’s government (the full set can be seen here). All in all, they are a fairly anodyne read. Not surprisingly, they deal with issues such … Continue reading

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