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The BBC Thinks The Canadian Prime Minister Is Elected By Parliament

When reading a piece by the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher about Canada’s forthcoming General Election, I came across a curious statement: Canada’s prime minister is chosen by a majority vote in Parliament, either by one party or through a coalition. Um, no. That’s … Continue reading

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Lagassé & Bowden on the Succession to the Throne Act 2013

James W. J. Bowden (of Parliamentum fame) has co-authored an interesting article with Philippe Lagassé that contends that the Canadian Crown’s status as a corporation sole could render the Succession to the Throne Act 2013 unconstitutional. I’ve discussed these arguments before on my personal blog, … Continue reading

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Prince Charles, the Divisible Crown, and Royal Discretion

Prince Charles has caused controversy by allegedly comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler during his recent tour of Canada. The remarks, which were made during a visit to the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax, have caused a mini-tempest, including a … Continue reading

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