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The Queen And Government Appointments

I thought I’d mark Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle by sharing this document which I recently obtained through Britain’s Freedom of Information Act: This is Theresa May’s formal submission to the Queen recommending the appointment of her new government after she … Continue reading

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How Does One Become A Minister?

Earlier this week, I explained the formalities that a person must undergo before they can become Prime Minister. Today, I will do the same thing for the other members of Her Majesty’s Government. This is a surprisingly complex subject since ministers … Continue reading

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How Can Theresa May Create New Departments So Quickly?

A reader was surprised to learn that Theresa May has made David Davis ‘Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.’ They thought it was odd that she could create a new department out of thin air. This is possible because of the constitutional … Continue reading

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Why Is George Osborne ‘First Secretary of State’?

A reader asked the following: Why did Cameron make George Osborne First Secretary of State when he’s already Chancellor of the Exchequer?  The simple answer is that it’s basically an honor. The title of First Secretary of State is essentially … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Rules Against Government In Prince Charles Letters Case

Today, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the case of R (Evans) v. Attorney-General. The justices dismissed the Attorney General’s appeal, and allowed the Court of Appeal’s decision to stand. Back in 2012, the Attorney General issued a certificate under section … Continue reading

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One Office, Eighteen Occupants

The British statute book contains countless references to “the Secretary of State.” At first glance, this hardly seems surprising. However, those four words mask a surprising level of complexity. Should you visit the Downing Street website in order to identify … Continue reading

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Lords Condemn Baroness Stowell’s Demotion

Last night, the House of Lords formally expressed regret at Baroness Stowell of Beeston’s demotion. During the course of the debate, peers made it clear that they deeply resented David Cameron’s decision to reduce her status and her salary. Peers didn’t … Continue reading

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“WTF is the Lord Privy Seal?”

When I was going through my inbox, I discovered a question from the contact form that Gmail had squirreled away. Adrian wrote: WTF is the lord privy seal? As my loyal readers know, the office of Lord Privy Seal (or, to … Continue reading

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Lords Constitution Committee Reports On Baroness Stowell’s Demotion

David Cameron’s ill-judged decision to effectively demote Baroness Stowell of Beeston continues to generate fallout. Now the House of Lords Constitution Committee has weighed in on the matter, and its report is likely to cause more headaches for Downing Street. The … Continue reading

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Did David Cameron ‘Promote’ Baroness Stowell?

When I checked out the Court Circular this morning, I saw something surprising: The Baroness Stowell of Beeston took the Oath of Office as Lord Privy Seal, kissed hands upon her appointment and received the Privy Seal. . . . … Continue reading

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