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Sir Seamus Treacy, The Privy Council, And Northern Ireland

Tucked away in the list of orders approved at the April 24 meeting of the Privy Council is a curious entry: It is this day ordered by Her Majesty in Council that the name of Sir Seamus Treacy be removed … Continue reading

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The Curious Case Of Camilla And The Privy Council

When browsing the Court Circular, I noticed that the Duchess of Cornwall was admitted to the Privy Council in June. This is rather unusual. Although the heir apparent invariably becomes a Privy Counsellor, this honor is not usually extended to their … Continue reading

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Why Do Privy Counsellors Lead Inquiries?

After seven years, the committee of Privy Counsellors set up to investigate Britain’s role in the Iraq War has finally made its report. But why do Privy Counsellors lead inquiries in the first place? The Privy Council oath includes a promise to “keep secret all matters … Continue reading

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Constitution 101: The Privy Council

In honor of the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has finally joined the Privy Council, I thought I’d provide a brief overview of this fascinating corner of the British constitution. ‘Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council’ is one of the United Kingdom’s … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn And The Privy Council (Again)

The saga/farce of Jeremy Corbyn and the Privy Council continues. The Daily Telegraph have been working themselves into a lather over his alleged refusal to be sworn in as a Privy Counsellor. Corbyn was expected to take the oath at today’s meeting, but he declined … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn And The Privy Council

During the Labour leadership race, there was some speculation that Jeremy Corbyn, a staunch republican, might refuse to become a Privy Counsellor if he won the election. But lo and behold, Corbyn decided to become right honourable after all. This really shouldn’t surprise … Continue reading

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