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Answering Readers’ Questions About The Prorogation Decision

Does this mean Boris Johnson will have to step down? No. While today’s decision is hugely embarrassing for Johnson, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has to resign. Constitutionally speaking, a Prime Minister isn’t obliged to step down unless they lose … Continue reading

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Does The British Government Ever Shut Down?

With the United States in the midst of yet another government shutdown, a number of readers have asked if this sort of thing ever happens in the United Kingdom. The short answer is, no, it doesn’t. In the Westminster system, … Continue reading

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Was Anyone Ever Prosecuted For Violating The Royal Marriages Act?

Last week’s post about the Royal Marriages Act 1772 led a reader to ask an interesting question: was it ever used to prosecute anyone? If you haven’t read the original post, here are the basics: the Royal Marriages Act required … Continue reading

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Some Observations On The Queen’s Speech

A reader who is staying up to watch the General Election returns has asked the following question: If the Government is defeated on the Queen’s Speech, does that mean that the Queen will have to address Parliament a second time? Not necessarily. If … Continue reading

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“WTF is the Lord Privy Seal?”

When I was going through my inbox, I discovered a question from the contact form that Gmail had squirreled away. Adrian wrote: WTF is the lord privy seal? As my loyal readers know, the office of Lord Privy Seal (or, to … Continue reading

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What’s The Difference Between A Canon And A Measure?

Today I received the following question via the contact form: Hi, can you explain the difference between a canon and a church measure? Why does the C of E need both to have women bishops? As I mentioned last week, there … Continue reading

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