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What Happens If A Government Can’t Be Formed By The Time Parliament Meets?

This morning I received the following question via the contact form: What happens if a Government can’t be formed by the time Parliament meets?  This is an interesting question. In most cases, the outgoing Prime Minister resigns the day after the General Election, … Continue reading

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An Unfortunate Choice of Words

Yesterday, the Queen issued a royal proclamation summoning a new Parliament. The wording of the document has been substantially revised in light of the changes brought about by the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. Obviously, it no longer references dissolution, but there has … Continue reading

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James I and Executive Overreach

As I listened to President Obama strike a defiant tone in the face of Speaker John Boehner’s criticism of his use of executive orders, I was reminded of a similar dispute that raged in Jacobean England. Then as now, hostile members of … Continue reading

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