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The UK Internal Market Bill Could Open Pandora’s Box

After taking a backseat to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last several months, Brexit is back in the headlines. The Government’s United Kingdom Internal Market Bill has provoked considerable outrage across the political spectrum due to the fact that its … Continue reading

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Smith Commission Proposes New Powers for Scotland

The Smith Commission has produced its long-awaited report on new powers for the Scottish Parliament. For the most part, it’s a fairly wonkish document that focuses on things like income tax and Air Passenger Duty, but there are some constitutional points … Continue reading

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Scotland Stays

It’s now official: Scotland will stay in the United Kingdom. They’re still counting votes, but the Noes clearly have it (the tally stands at 1,877,252 to 1,512,688 right now). I’m not really surprised by this result. Despite the recent polls, I always believed that, when … Continue reading

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The Road Not Taken: the Government of Scotland Bill

The years leading up to World War I were a time of great constitutional upheaval in the United Kingdom. The protracted struggle over Irish home rule is well known.[1] But while Parliament was agonizing over Ireland, backbench Liberal MPs were … Continue reading

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Rewriting the Constitution on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin

Gordon Brown is a man on a mission: he wants to save the Union. In order to achieve that goal, he has outlined a twelve-point plan that would see additional powers devolved to Edinburgh. But it would also entrench the … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence: No, the Queen Shouldn’t Speak Out

According to the Daily Telegraph, MPs from both parties want David Cameron to ask the Queen to speak out in favor of the Union. This is a terrible, terrible idea. The British Monarchy endures largely because successive Sovereigns have had … Continue reading

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What is the SNP’s Vision for the Monarchy?

Although the draft Scottish Independence Bill scrupulously avoids making changes to the Monarchy, it seems doubtful that the Scottish National Party will be content to let the matter rest there. On the contrary, I suspect they will try to persuade the Constitutional Convention … Continue reading

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Some Observations on the Draft Scottish Constitution

The Scottish Government has unveiled their proposed Scottish Independence Bill, which will serve as the country’s interim Constitution if Scots vote for independence in September. It’s definitely worth a read: in many ways, the document seems to be a conscious repudiation … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence and the Constitution

On September 18, Scotland will vote on whether or not to secede from the United Kingdom. If the Scottish people actually vote to leave (which seems unlikely, if polls are any indication), the United Kingdom will find itself in a constitutional … Continue reading

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