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Will The Supreme Court Be Abolished?

Backbench Conservative MP Sir Desmond Swayne has argued that the next Tory manifesto should include a pledge to abolish the Supreme Court and return to the pre-2009 status quo. Before the establishment of the Supreme Court, the House of Lords … Continue reading

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Answering Readers’ Questions About The Prorogation Decision

Does this mean Boris Johnson will have to step down? No. While today’s decision is hugely embarrassing for Johnson, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has to resign. Constitutionally speaking, a Prime Minister isn’t obliged to step down unless they lose … Continue reading

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Other Supreme Court-Related Posts

Since there’s a lot of interest in the Supreme Court today, I thought I’d post some links to some of the other Supreme Court-related posts I’ve written over the years: How are British Supreme Court justices appointed? Why don’t British … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Rules Prorogation Unlawful

In a constitutional bombshell, Britain’s Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, and the prorogation itself is “null and of no effect.” The justices found that the Prime Minister’s advice … Continue reading

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How Are British Supreme Court Justices Appointed?

As my fellow Americans take in the seemingly endless drama of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court, a number of people have asked me if appointments to the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court are similarly contentious. The short … Continue reading

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How The Supreme Court Justices Got Their Titles

On December 10, 2010, the Queen issued Royal Warrants conferring courtesy titles on the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. The justices would thereafter be known as ‘lord’ or ‘lady,’ while the wives of male justices would … Continue reading

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Government Loses Brexit Case

In a widely expected ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 without Parliament’s consent. I won’t go over the ruling in detail, as I’ve already discussed it here and here. Suffice it to say, I think the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Why Don’t British Supreme Court Justices Wear Robes?

A reader recently asked: Why didn’t the Supreme Court justices wear robes and wigs during the Brexit case? Is that normal?  The answer is yes, it’s normal. Supreme Court justices have worn ordinary business attire during oral arguments since the court’s inception … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Rules Against Government In Prince Charles Letters Case

Today, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the case of R (Evans) v. Attorney-General. The justices dismissed the Attorney General’s appeal, and allowed the Court of Appeal’s decision to stand. Back in 2012, the Attorney General issued a certificate under section … Continue reading

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