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When The Queen Appoints Your Parish Priest

In addition to appointing the Church of England’s senior ecclesiastics, the Queen appoints several hundred parish clergy scattered throughout England. As with many things in the United Kingdom, the rules governing the Crown’s parochial patronage are complicated to say the … Continue reading

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The Cooper Bill And The Queen’s Consent

Robert Craig has a made an interesting post over at the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog wherein he claims that Yvette Cooper’s bill to extend Article 50 would require the Queen’s Consent. If this is true, it would potentially give … Continue reading

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An Unfortunate Choice of Words

Yesterday, the Queen issued a royal proclamation summoning a new Parliament. The wording of the document has been substantially revised in light of the changes brought about by the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. Obviously, it no longer references dissolution, but there has … Continue reading

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Could Prince Andrew Lose His Royal Status?

The past few weeks have seen the Duke of York engulfed by lurid accusations of sexual activity with a 17-year-old ‘sex slave.’ While these allegations have not been tested in a court of law, they have nevertheless cast a shadow … Continue reading

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Debunking “The Constitutional Monarchy Myth”

When people write about the Queen, she’s commonly described as a model constitutional monarch. While the Prince of Wales is frequently castigated for allegedly meddling in politics, most commentators assume that his mother is scrupulously neutral. But Backbench’s David Kelly has bucked that trend, arguing that the Queen … Continue reading

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