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Bishops And Homage

Today, the new Archbishop of York formally did homage for the temporalities of his new see. Because of the pandemic, the ceremony took place via video link. In normal times, it would involve a small ceremony at Buckingham Palace or … Continue reading

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Why Do People Bow When The Results Of Votes Are Announced In The Commons?

With all the drama in the Commons lately, there have been quite a few videos showing the moment when the results of key votes are announced to the House. They always show the same scene: four MPs line up in … Continue reading

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Great Offices Of State vs. Great Officers Of State

When Sajid Javid was appointed Home Secretary, he became the first person of color to hold one of the Great Offices of State. However, he is not the first person of color to be a Great Officer of State–that honor … Continue reading

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Why Are Ambassadors To The UK Accredited To ‘The Court of St. James’?

Donald Trump has indicated that New York Jets owner Woody Johnson will be America’s next ambassador to the United Kingdom. According to the BBC,¬†the President-Elect introduced Johnson¬†as “the ambassador Woody Johnson, going to St. James” at a luncheon. But why … Continue reading

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