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Some Observations On The Queen’s Speech

A reader who is staying up to watch the General Election returns has asked the following question: If the Government is defeated on the Queen’s Speech, does that mean that the Queen will have to address Parliament a second time? Not necessarily. If … Continue reading

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What Happens If A Government Can’t Be Formed By The Time Parliament Meets?

This morning I received the following question via the contact form: What happens if a Government can’t be formed by the time Parliament meets?  This is an interesting question. In most cases, the outgoing Prime Minister resigns the day after the General Election, … Continue reading

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Should Debates Between Party Leaders Be Mandatory?

There’s been a lot of Sturm und Drang recently over the proposed debates between the party leaders in the run-up to next May’s General Election. The question of who should take part is proving to be quite divisive: David Cameron wants to … Continue reading

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