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Rideau Hall Reveals Arrangements For Swearing In The Trudeau Ministry

Rideau Hall has finally thrown off the cone of silence. The Governor General’s website now has a page devoted to the swearing-in of the Trudeau Ministry, and it’s actually quite impressive. It features handy flowchart that outlines how the event will unfold as well as … Continue reading

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The BBC’s History Fail

The BBC needs to brush up on their history. When discussing possible outcomes for tomorrow’s General Election, they made the following claim: The prime minister could resign, after being defeated on the Queen’s Speech for example, and hand power to the … Continue reading

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Is The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 Fatally Flawed?

Writing in the Irish Times, Mark Hennessy has argued that the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 has a fatal constitutional flaw. Section 2(3) of the Act states that an early General Election may be held if the House of Commons passes … Continue reading

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What Happens If A Government Can’t Be Formed By The Time Parliament Meets?

This morning I received the following question via the contact form: What happens if a Government can’t be formed by the time Parliament meets?  This is an interesting question. In most cases, the outgoing Prime Minister resigns the day after the General Election, … Continue reading

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A Few Words on Minority Governments

Alex Salmond made headlines yesterday when he said that the SNP could torpedo a Conservative minority government by helping Labour vote down the Queen’s Speech in May. Naturally, this hasn’t gone over well with the Tories. A party spokesman accused Salmond of trying to “sabotage the democratic will … Continue reading

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